North Caucasus Federal University (Russia)

University of Trento (Italy)

Prague Business School (Czech Republic)

University of Piraeus (Greece)

Moscow Exchange

Zerich Capital Management


Stavropol regional association of marketing

LLC Business IT



IV Winter Business School

Digital Economy, Management and Finance:

Developing Professional Skills in Managers

10.00 – 11.25 11.35 – 13.00 14.00 – 15.20 15.30 – 16.30 16.30 – 19.00
1st day –

day of arrival



Quest of acquaintance

PhD. V. Makarieva

2nd day – «European tendencies of electronic government and electronic HR»



Foreign technologies of personnel management and the possibilities of their use in Russia.

Prof. Wadim Strielkowski

(University of California, Berkeley USA),

Hall. 21-308

Master Class

Leadership and leading in the digital society: Challenges and Threats

Prof. Jorge Gomes, University of Lisbon (Portugal)

Hall. 21-308

Master Class

Neuromarketing as a communication tool of the digital economy



Alexey Zaitsev,

(Oryol state university named after I.S. Turgenev)


Hall 21-510


Motivation of staff in the era of the digital economy.

PhD. Dina Chuprova  (NCFU)

Hall. 21-510


 3rd day –– “European e-business: finance and banking”


Master Class

Digitalization of consumer behavior on banking market

PhD Marta Grybś-Kabocik

University of Economics in Katowice

Hall. 21-610

Master class

Tools and services of the Moscow Exchange

Denis Korablev

(Head of  sales of the currency market Department of PJSC Moscow Exchange)

Training: Methods of making trading decisions in financial markets

Andrey Vernikov

(Deputy Director on investment analysis of IC Zerich Capital Management )

Hall. 21-610


Learning to trade on the secondary market of Moscow Exchange shares through the Internet trading system Quik.

Business game

Exchange Trades

Andrey Vernikov

(Deputy Director on investment analysis of IC Zerich Capital Management )

Vladimir Starkov

(Development Director of Zerich Capital Management)

Ludmila Pustynnikova

Director of Broker Center

Hall. 21-810

Master Class

Conversion operations in the foreign exchange market. Deposits from the Central Committee.

Denis Korablev

(Head of  sales of the currency market Department of PJSC Moscow Exchange)


Hall. 21-810.


Summing up, rewarding of w

Tour of Stavropol city
4th day – “European e-business: e-marketing and market strategy in the Internet”



Master Class

Development of communication talent in management and marketing in the context of digitalization

Muzzhavlyov S.V.


Founder of the University of Talentology®. Leading talented specialist in Russia.

TEDx speaker


Hall. 21-410

Master class “Entrepreneurial thinking or how to become a person of business: a leader or a loser – find out who you are!”


Ruslan Abramov,

(Plekhanov Russian University of Economics)

Hall. 21-410


Formation of corporate identity and brand product: the secrets of famous companies.


PhD Elena  Ponomareva,

prof.  Olga Boris  (NCFU)


Master Class


Innovative trading marketing tools.

PhD Galina Vorontsova,

PhD. Oxana Momotova



Hall. 21-410

Master Class

Marketing funnel for a business with a long sales cycle.


Falun Grigoryan, (marketing practitioner, the head of Frank Marketing, the President of the Regional Marketing Association, a member of the Russian Marketing Guild)

PhD. Olga Godina,

PhD Elena Shatskaya  (NCFU)


Hall. 21-410

5th day –

“E-commerce and online business models” –


Master Class

eTechnologies; trajectories, scenarios, and business models


Prof. Tauno Kekale


European Center for Peace and Development
United Nations mandated University for Peace


Hall. 21-610


How to discover an entrepreneur in yourself



Sergey Svetunkov

(Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University)


Hall. 21-610


Consumers’ purchasing behavior

Vera Faraci, Ilaria Reale, Giada Ottavian, Laura De Bortoli, Alice Cusmano

(University of Trento)

 Business quest

Simulation of digital transactions.

PhD. Denis Lovyannikov

PhD. Ekaterina Butenko.

PhD. Alexandr Kalashnikov,



Hall. 21-810

Master Class

Towards Change: Perspectives and Problems of Digitalization of Education and Health Care

Council of Young Scientists, PhD. Khripunova A.A.

(Stavropol State Medical University)

Hall. 21-610

6th day cultural program 14/03/2020 Departure and tour to Dombay
 7th day –15/03/2020 Departure of participants